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Shelters Engineering Services (PVT) LTD is a well-established construction company that has been providing high-quality building and Infrastructure services for over 20 years. The company is based in the heart of the city and serves clients in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

One of the core values of our company is sustainability. We believe in building structures that are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly. Our team is knowledgeable about energy-efficient technologies and materials, and they always strive to incorporate these into their projects.

In addition to construction services, We also offers project management services. We provide comprehensive planning, scheduling, and budgeting services to ensure that every project runs smoothly from start to finish. We work closely with clients and keep them updated every step of the way.

We are licensed with Pakistan Engineering Council in C2 Category, insured, and bonded, and our team of professionals is fully trained and equipped to handle any construction project, no matter how complex. We are committed to delivering results that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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Our Philosophy

Our team of experienced architects, engineers, and contractors are dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed clients’ expectations.

Our Missions

We have a wide range of services that include new home construction, commercial building construction, remodeling and renovation, and Industrial Construction

Our Vision

One of the core values of our company is sustainability. We believe in building structures that are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

Our Values
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From Sketch to Life

The Importance of Structural Design Services in Building Construction

Building construction is a complex and intricate process that requires careful planning and attention to detail at every stage. One of the most critical aspects of this process is structural design, which determines the stability and safety of a building or infrastructure project. Structural design services provide the foundation for a safe and durable building that can withstand the forces of nature and human activity.

Estimations / BOQ Preparation

Budgeting: Quantity estimations help to determine the cost of materials, labor, and equipment required to complete a project. This information is critical for creating an accurate project budget.

Want to buy Construction Materials for your next Project?

-Quality materials for lasting results: Our construction materials are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring your project stands strong for years to come.
-Affordable prices without sacrificing quality: We believe that high-quality construction materials shouldn't break the bank, which is why we offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality.
philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles.

[ about company ]

What We Offer

At Shelters Engineering Services (PVT) LTD, we believe that an ethical approach is the core value of our organization that goes right to the heart of everything we stand for. Ethical values are evident in every interaction with our employees, customers, suppliers and members of the public. Our business model is to integrate our core disciplines to deliver better project solutions across the chosen market areas as we are the top construction company in Lahore and Islamabad.

Our Expert Team

Our Team comprise of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Architectural Engineers and experts from Relevant Fields.

Engr. Muhammad Jaffer

BSc Civil Engineering (UET, Lahore)
MBA (Virtual University, Lahore)
Cheif Executing Officer

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Chaudhary Abuzar Shabbir

Btech Civil Engineering
MBA (Punjab University, Lahore)


Engr. Adeel Jaffer

BSc Civil Engineering (UET,Lahore)
MSc Civil Engineering (NUST, Islamabad)


Engr. Suhaib Shafi

BSc Metallurgical Engineering (UET, Lahore)
GM Finance & Planning

Nabeel Jaffer

BBA (UET,Lahore)
Mphill HR&M (Punjab University, Lahore)
GM HR & Public Relations

Engr. Umair Bin Shabbir

BSc Electrical Engineering (NFC,Multan)
GM Technical & Projects (Elect)

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-17 at 13.07.37

Engr. Syed Ali Muzmail

BSc Civil Engineering (UOL, Lahore)
GM Technical & Projects (Civil)


Engr. Ubaid Malik

BSc Civil Engineering (UOL, Lahore)
GM Technical & Projects (Civil)

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-08 at 23.01.22

Procurement Manager

Bs software engineering University of lahore

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-17 at 15.42.22

Azeem Sarwar

Manager Projects Islamabad BTech (Civil Engineering)