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With our vast experience in designing exceptional marquees, we can deliver exactly what you require. We are entitled to produce and deliver marquees as per the type of event and your instructions. Our motive is to make your day extraordinary and fabulous!

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It can be challenging to find a trustworthy construction company in Pakistan for many reasons. If you’re also facing this issue, then stop your research. We are providing premium-quality services for the construction of marquees. We observe changes in trends when it comes to events and occasions. Our ideas, designs, and arrangements will hook everyone around. We guarantee you that your events will become more specialized in those mesmerizing venues constructed by our experts. The trend of marquees is widely adopted by people to arrange their weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Marquee weddings look more lavish and less costly than other options. Moreover, you can choose any theme of your choice to decorate the venue. They allow you to make your desired floral arrangements or any other idea you want to execute. Marquees are way better in comparison with wedding halls.

Procedure step

We need to have an idea of everything before designing a marquee. It includes location, area management, capacity of people, event type, and overall budget. We believe in strategic planning before starting construction and execution.

Our marquees are not specified for a specific occasion or event, but we produce them for all small, big, or mega-events. Several sizes, shapes, and structures of marquees are designed by marquee construction companies in Pakistan.


We have a team of elite designers and trained experts to sustain the quality and reliability of our marquees. An energetic and creative force of employees can drive any business towards success with 100% client satisfaction.

We produce a variety of designs with added creativity with the assistance and supervision of experts. Also, our trained professionals are aware of market needs and requirements. We are well aware of current trends and rapidly changing modules.

Perfect quality

The quality of the marquee is extremely important for organizing an event. We take care of every single detail and focus on quality standards. Our material is of great quality, from raw material to the final touch. You don’t need to carry the burden of event handling after contacting us; we assure you that you will get a fascinating atmosphere with aesthetic styling.

We respect your feelings and emotions associated with your event, and you are paying for a brilliant setup. Due to this, we produce the best quality marquee on a limited budget to entertain you in every possible way with our quality service.


Often, high-quality construction companies charge more than usual. Also, if you prefer something else rather than a marquee for your event, it will cost you more. But we offer premium services at affordable rates.

Everyone wants to enjoy the best services within their budget in this era of high inflation. Our rates are comparable to those of our competitors. Making your event memorable for you is all we are working for.

Event management

It is a hectic responsibility that we can handle most effectively. The decorations and outer look of any event have a great impact. Marquee event management gives you the authority to manage everything according to your wishes. We will execute your commands.

A colorful arrangement of different ideas can give your event a lavish and attractive look. Also, you can use your creativity with an empty marquee to enhance your event with something out of the box. Our construction services in Islamabad, Lahore, and overall Pakistan are well recognized.

Custom or rent

We offer both marquees, whether you can rent them or order them from us to be made as per your event. Custom marquees are more desirable as they fit according to your requirements. Design them as you want and make them classic.

Furthermore, you can use them for your event by renting a marquee for one day. It saves you money and energy to make it customized. Our team can help you decide what kind of marquee will be ideal for your event.


Alongside production and design, we also offer installation services to give you everything in one facility. Our workers will install those marquees in your area or place of the event effectively. It takes guts and expertise to install those marquees in the best way possible.

Our specialized team can perform all tasks from beginning to end. You can feel carefree after hiring us for your event. We also have great experience handling events from production until installation.


Several construction companies are working in Pakistan, but not all of them can be trusted. Our company is a dignified construction service provider specializing in the manufacturing of different marquees in different areas of Pakistan.

You can make things work in your favor with honesty and premium services. Our ultimate target is to gain the client’s trust and confidence. We are devoted to producing innovative and quality marquee designs that meet your expectations.

Diversified business

Our construction company in Islamabad is doing wonders in its domain. You will not find the same quality marquee through any other construction company in Lahore or Islamabad. We are growing our business over time by making more improvements.


It is our utmost priority to deliver everything on time and manage every single aspect as per our commitment. Trust is a one-time opportunity; once it’s lost, it can’t be regained. We make sure to produce your order of marquees within a given period before the event.

It takes courage to take responsibility for an event that is extremely special in everyone’s life. But we have quality professionals and hardworking personnel to manage and administer every single task.


Evey construction process which is about to happen on site is already explained in their videos available on their YouTube channel. I'm a complete layman. And don't know about construction process. But their videos helped me a lot. Moreover the difference is they are highly educated and Professional Civil Engineers. They have in-depth knowledge of the construction process.
Akbar Ali
Excellent and quality construction service by Shelters Engineering services.The company just completed my house in Umar Block Bahria Town Lhr. Professional, cooperative team. Highly recommended construction service. Thank You!
I don't usually leave reviews, but Shelters Engineering is a fantastic construction company in Lahore to work with. They are very professional during the entire project from start to finish. Excellent communication and accountability from everyone involved.
Construction is a very cumbersome process. You have to be patient. What I have learnt that problems will surely arrive. There will be conflict between you and your contractor. But the important point is how your questions and concerns will be answered.


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