A Guide To 5 Marla House Construction Cost In Pakistan

Building a home is a considerable undertaking that requires careful planning. This procedure concerns determining suitable construction materials, creating a structured plan, employing professional employees, and handling your finances prudently. Due to their affordability and suitability for families, 5 Marla houses are highly in demand in Pakistan.

As people have various questions regarding 5 Marla house construction costs in Pakistan, we have made a complete guide to make it easy for you.

However, a lot of detailed planning proceeds behind selecting whether to construct one or purchase one. When it comes to choosing between purchasing and building a place, there are several characteristics to consider, including expenditure, customization, and convenience.

While both possibilities hold their advantages and liabilities, creating a home can be an excellent vote if you have limited funding and prefer a place that fits your style and tastes. With the capacity to choose everything from the design and strategies to the materials and finishes, you can construct a truly personalized living extent that fits your conditions and living standard.

On the other hand, purchasing a house can offer the amenity of a move-in prepared home with less bother and delay, but may come at a more elevated expense tag. Eventually, the conclusion comes down to what functions best for your condition and plans.

Shelters Engineering is a Construction company in Lahore, wehave estimated the entire cost of constructing a 5-marla house in Pakistan.


A 5-marla property covering a total area of 1925 sq. ft. typically includes a TV lounge, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and a mumty.

Sand will then be required to offer bulk, strength, and general stability to other construction materials like concrete, cement, mortar, render, and screed. There are other sand suppliers in Pakistan, however Lawrencpur’s sand is thought to be of higher quality. At PKR 105 per cubic foot, you will require approximately 3150 cubic feet of sand. This will add PKR 750,320 to the total construction cost of a 5-marla house in Pakistan,

You will need 900 sq. ft. of Chenab sand for plaster, which will cost PKR 54,000 at a rate of PKR 60 per sq. ft.

To construct the floor of your house, you will require gravel. For the grey structure, 600 feet of Sargodha Bajri will be needed at a rate of PKR 65, which amounts to a total of PKR 39,000. Additionally, you will also need rori, which costs approximately PKR 25,000.


During the construction of the grey structure, it is vital to ensure proper wiring and plumbing installation. Plumbing work involves the installation of water supply, gas, sewage, and drainage systems. You would require a budget of PKR 115,000 for this, which includes both material and labor costs. Another crucial step is the wiring processYou should consider hiring an electrician for this task. The estimated cost for the job, including labor and materials, is PKR 50,000.


You will need about 525 bags of standard Portland cement, at the rate of PKR 1085 per c. ft. This will amount to a sum of PKR 569,625.

To build a 5-marla house in Pakistan, you will need Kassu, which is a mixture of sand and clay. Kassu is commonly used to fill up the empty spaces. You will need a budget of PKR 50,000 for Kassu.

In addition, you are going to need 3 tons of Rebar, the material which would cost PKR 114,000 each ton. This will increase the total building cost in Pakistan by approximately PKR 439,000.


The price of work is a vital element in any building task, and it is defined by different aspects such as the period of the project and the area within Pakistan’s major cities.

The cost of labor tends to vary greatly across different areas, and it is important to consider these variations while evaluating the overall task expense. The time of the building task also plays an important role in defining the labor expenditure, as longer tasks tend to incur higher costs due to improved labor needs.

Therefore, it is paramount to carefully consider these elements while preparing any building project to guarantee the most precise cost estimate possible. When making a double-unit 5-marla house in Lahore, it’s necessary to consider the cost of labor.

It’s critical to budget for labor prices when preparing for the construction of a house in Pakistan. By doing so, you can ensure that your project stays within budget and is conducted efficiently and to a high benchmark.


To create a 5-marla house, it is important to take into account the cost of construction materials. Apart from other expenses, the cost of steelwork is also a significant factor. Generally, Chougat steel 16 gauge is used to create door frames, which is an essential component of the house’s structure. The cost for this material is usually around PKR 60,000.

For your house, you will require protection grills for windows and the central gate. You should budget around PKR 70,000 for a 16 or 18-gauge steel gate and another PKR 66,000 for 16-gauge grills.

Finishing Cost

The cost of finishing a house is highly subjective and is determined by the many types and variants of finishing materials used in construction.

There are numerous finishing materials used, such as tiles, marble, woodwork, kitchen and bath accessories, paint and ceiling, windows and mirrors, and other electronics.


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