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A marquee is known as a tent or canopy in some regions of the world, a marquee generally is a portable structure that is used for multiple outdoor functions or events. The framework of the marquee consists of metal poles or adjustable frames. It is covered with a thick fabric to provide coverage and shelter from other elements. Marquees are commonly used for events such as weddings, parties, shows, festivals, galas, exhibitions, corporate and family events, and more.

Marquees are so beneficial in such ways that it is easily transportable and the assembling and disassembling process is very easy. Another benefit of marquees is that it provides a perfect shelter and any type of arrangments can be occured in marquees to make it event appropriate. Marquee construction cost is much less than booking a banquet for your events. Moreover, a marquee can be comfortable and spacious for your various gatherings.

Marquees a versatile, it creates a perfect decored atmosphere that represents versatility. It allows you to hold an outdoor gathering while keeping your guests safe from sun, rain, and wind. Our construction company in Islamabad is the best option for your marquee construction.

as we support our client’s customized details according to the theme and style of the event, we make sure to deliver the best services to our clients as per their demands.


A marquee construction company needs detailed and specific instructions and directions about the construction of a marquee. Here is the step-by-step guide for constructing a basic frame of the marquee.


  • A frame for the Marquee (metal poles) supposedly
  • Marquee fabric or covering (typically made of PVC or canvas)
  • connectors and fittings for the marquee
  • Pegs and ropes for anchoring
  • Mallet or hammer
  • Ladder or scaffold (for large marquees)
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety equipment (gloves, safety goggles)
  • Groundsheet or flooring (optional but recommended for added comfort)

Step 1: Location hunt

  • It is vital to select an appropriate area.
  • A level area with enough space to accommodate the marquee’s size and must have additional space required for guy ropes and pegs to ensure the safety and support of the marquee.
  • Ensure there are no overhead obstructions like trees, bushes, or powerlines.

Step 2: Preparation of the Ground

  • Clear the ground thoroughly, no extras should be there.
  • The site of any debris, rocks, or sharp objects that could damage the marquee fabric or pose a safety hazard must be removed.
  • In case the ground is uneven make sure to level it, consider using a groundsheet or leveling the area with compacted sand or wooden boards.

Step 3: Assemble the Marquee Frame

  • Lay out all the marquee frame components according to the manufacturer’s instructions or your pre-planned layout.
  • Begin assembling the frame by connecting the metal poles using the provided connectors and fittings.
  • Follow the specific assembly sequence recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 4: Raise the Marquee Frame

  • With the help of a team, carefully lift the marquee frame into an upright position to raise it.
  • Ensure the frame is stable and all connections are securely in place.
  • once the frame is raised, it is ready for further additions.

Step 5: Install the Marquee Fabric or Covering Cloth

  • Carefully drape the marquee fabric or cover over the frame to provide a chic look.
  • Attach the fabric to the frame using the appropriate fastening method (e.g., clips, straps, hook-and-loop closures).

Step 6: Secure the Marquee

  • Use pegs and ropes to anchor the marquee to the ground and make it potent. Drive the pegs through the designated eyelets or loops on the marquee fabric and secure them firmly into the ground at a 45-degree angle for maximum stability.
  • For hard surfaces like concrete, use weights or sandbags to anchor the marquee.
  • Check it twice, to ensure security.

Step 7: Check Stability and Adjustments

  • Double-check all connections, fittings, and anchors for stability.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the marquee is level and secure so it can support the weight of other decorative items.

Step 8: Install Sidewalls and Accessories (Optional)

  • If your marquee includes sidewalls, attach them to the frame using the provided fasteners.
  • Install any additional accessories like lighting, flooring, and decorations as needed as per the client’s instructions.

Step 9: Conduct Safety Checks

  • Ensure there are no safety hazards, such as sharp edges or loose parts not visible.
  • Make sure that emergency exits are accessible and marked.

Step 10: Test for Weather Contingencies

  • If your marquee will be used in adverse weather conditions, consider adding sidewalls or weatherproofing accessories for protection against wind, rain, or sunlight. So the marquee does not suffer through any urgent conditions during the event.

Step 11: Event Preparation

  • Once the marquee is constructed, set up the interior according to the event’s requirements and the client’s instructions.
  • Arrange furniture, lighting, decorations, and any other necessary items to create a welcoming and functional space for your guests.
  • Ensure that every piece is complementing the other and looks promising and aesthetic.

Marquee construction is not an easy job, It is quite a challenging task when it comes to handling larger and more complex structures. The manufacturer and instructor play a vital role and it is important to follow their minor and major instructions for arranging a proper marquee setup. Our Best construction company in Islamabad makes sure the marquee is safe and every step of constructing a marquee is checked twice.

We prioritize our client’s safety and instruction and we work according to their plan and idea using the hints and touches of our expert’s advice to put forward the best marquee construction and make it an enjoyable and successful experience for every individual involved.


To conclude, it is a systematic process to construct a marquee. It is a project which requires every little point to be noted with careful planning, attention to detail, and a double check on safety. A marquee is a versatile and temporary outdoor shelter, to set up for any event or function activities.

Assistance and advice from the experts are a must and prioritize your client’s instruction and safety precautions to avoid any unnecessary accidents. A well-maintained and constructed marquee provides a comfortable space and reflects the expertise of the company.

with proper arrangement, planning, and the above-mentioned step guide, a perfect marquee can be constructed and can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all the people attending the event.

Throughout the construction process, prioritize safety and seek assistance from experienced individuals if needed. Remember to comply with local regulations and safety standards. A well-constructed marquee provides a comfortable and inviting space for guests, ensuring the success of any outdoor event. With proper planning and execution, you can create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all attendees within the confines of the marquee.


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